Thryve Weekend – June 2018


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June 8 – 10, 2018

Do you have an idea for a great business but don’t know what to do next?

You have an idea. It’s a great one. This is the next Uber, the next Amazon, or maybe just the next major Tucson tech company. You’ve had it for a while, worming around in the back of your head. Your friends think it’s brilliant, some even want to be a part of it. But, so far, you’ve done nothing with it. It sits there, waiting for someone else to launch it.

What is keeping you from launching?

How do you know if it will work? Where will the money come from? What should you charge? What will it cost to build? Is the market big enough? Does the market care? At Thryve Weekend, we’ll help you find the answers to these questions. Because, an idea untested, one that is never launched… dies quietly. An idea proven and launched can change the world.

What if you could spend 36 hours and walk away with validation of your idea and whether or not it will make money?

Over three days, our team will teach you how to develop that idea into a business case. We’ll show you how to learn about the exact reason a customer will pay you and discover what customers love and hate about your idea through:

  • Lean startup methods
  • Powerful customer interviewing
  • Iterative sales and business case development

We’ll teach you how to test that idea in the real world for a very low cost and get results in just a few hours that will help you modify, improve, and validate that your idea is worth pursuing. We’ll also teach you how to begin to tell your story to customers and investors with:

  • Rapid business experimentation
  • Market size and price research and testing
  • Pitch deck building
  • Business presentation for sales and investment

What if you could learn exactly how Google, Amazon, and other major companies learned to test the market, their idea, and their customers to be successful?

The Startup Tucson team has spent the last three years teaching these methods to hundreds of businesses. We have industry mentors and proven instructors–this process works. It works so well that dozens of companies that our team has worked with using these principles have seen revenue growth of 75-150% annually, some of them in just days after implementing what we teach.

Revenue growth of 75-150% annually

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June 8-10, 2018

Are you ready for the next step? Thryve Weekend is your key to the Thryve Accelerator Program.

Our Thryve Startup Accelerator is an 11-week, 165-hour training program that helps companies launch. If you find traction with your idea and team at Thryve Weekend, you could make the cut for the Thryve Startup Accelerator. This nationally known program has applicants from all over the US. But our first selection pool is from the best teams coming out of Thryve Weekend.

If you want to join the Thryve Startup Accelerator, Thryve Weekend is your best chance.

Over these three days, our mentors and coaches will be working with you to understand your team, your focus, your willingness to work, and your willingness to change based on market feedback. A great team with an okay idea is a far better investment for our community than a great idea with no one backing it. We want to see your team in action. The best teams will make the cut for the Thryve Startup Accelerator, our proven business launch accelerator.

If you don’t push now, when will you?

You gotta have hustle. It takes a lot of work to make an idea “Thryve.” But, this is the fastest, leanest, least expensive way to prove or disprove your idea. Bring your team, commit to just three days, and our mentors will help you move to the next level of business execution. Waiting around won’t get a business launched. An idea ignored is the same as an idea forgotten. Neither will change your life, your future, or our world.

Sign your team up today. Take action. Move forward.

Your idea might be the very one that makes the world better and changes your life.
It’s time to find out.

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June 8-10, 2018