Startup Tucson appoints Liz Pocock as Interim CEO

Startup Tucson appoints Liz Pocock as Interim CEO, Justin Williams to continue as Founder focused on strategic advancement of the startup ecosystem

Effective immediately, Liz Pocock, the current Chief Operating Officer for Startup Tucson, will become the Interim Chief Executive Officer. Justin Williams, Founder and former CEO, will transition to work directly with the Startup Tucson Board of Directors to continue to advance the region’s startup ecosystem. Specifically, Justin will be focused on continued advocacy for Startup Tucson and the researching of best practices for entrepreneurial ecosystems directly in alignment with his role as the Director of InnovateUA at the University of Arizona.

“I’m proud of the impact that Startup Tucson is having on our community. As the organization and our community continues to grow, our daily operations require a new set of professional skills. I am excited to step into my new role and focus my time on developing new initiatives that will drive impact for our community and provide advocacy for Startup Tucson,” said Justin.

Liz has spent over a year as the COO of Startup Tucson and is fully versed in the operations of the mission and vision for Startup Tucson moving forward. She also served as the TENWEST Festival Director in 2017 and has helped to cultivate numerous additional partnerships and collaborations for Startup Tucson.

“Startup Tucson has emerged as a true leader in setting the tone for Tucson’s entrepreneurial enterprises. We are thrilled to have Liz available to us in order to allow Justin, our friend and colleague, the opportunity to focus his time and energy on broader system initiatives,” said Fletcher McCusker, Startup Tucson Board member.

Moving forward, Startup Tucson will continue its work connecting, educating and promoting entrepreneurs and their businesses within the region. By increasing collaborations and partnerships, Startup Tucson hopes to be able to reach a wider audience of aspiring entrepreneurs and to expand the depth of its offerings to startup companies that are further along in their development. Both the TENWEST Festival and Startup Tucson’s Thryve Venture Development program will be very active in 2018.

“Justin has done an amazing job building a sense of community for entrepreneurs as well as helping our Tucson leaders understand the need to invest in a startup ecosystem. I look forward to helping Startup Tucson grow its impact within this framework and continue to expand opportunities for the next generation of changemakers to reach their goals,” said Liz.

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