Invest For Impact

A culture of entrepreneurship within a city can influence a decision by an entrepreneur on where to launch an extremely promising tech startup as well as investor decisions on where to look for the most promising tech startups.” – Nick Arnett

Startup Tucson, founded in 2011, has had a short but successful career in helping Tucson entrepreneurs form their business idea and bring it to fruition.

As times evolved, like any good business, our business model is evolving.

We are currently applying what we teach our entrepreneurs, and looking at the best ways to serve our target demographics, and be of maximum use to the larger Southern Arizona business community.

In this light, we’re opening up more of our programming to sponsorship opportunities, in addition to our Annual TENWEST Festival and the IdeaFunding Conference.

Local and regional economies can grow by government spending increases or entry of an existing company; however, long-term, sustainable job creation and salary growth requires entrepreneurs to start companies that provide new services or goods that satisfy unmet public needs.” – James Gover

Startup Tucson is working to transform our region’s economy through entrepreneurship and innovation by helping to grow a strong, vibrant startup ecosystem of companies, entrepreneurs, and talent in Tucson. To achieve its mission, Startup Tucson serves people aspiring to create or help grow companies in the City of Tucson or adjacent communities in Pima County. We engage people and organizations from all across the community who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. Our team is proud to support IdeaFunding and TENWEST Festival as community-led initiatives driven by volunteers and organizational partners that are collaborating to impact the Southern Arizona community.

If you believe in supporting this mission, we would welcome speaking with you.  Please contact Courtney Pulitzer at