Community Awards – Thomas R. Brown “Rising Star” Award

An important element in IdeaFunding history is the tradition of honoring aspiring entrepreneurs and community leaders who have helped inspire others and build the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

In addition to the established TRB Outstanding Entrepreneur Award, the Thomas R. Brown Foundation created this year the complimentary Thomas R. Brown Rising Star Award.

The Rising Star Award is being established for the first time this year as a complementary award to the Thomas R. Brown Outstanding Entrepreneur Award. The Thomas R. Brown Rising Star Award recognizes an individual entrepreneur who is in the early stages of business and poised for future success and impact and that demonstrates the same innovative spirit and commitment as the Outstanding Entrepreneur Award recipient.

This year at the IdeaFunding Startup Showcase on October 16th, the Rising Star Award winner was Codelucida’s Dr. Shiva Planjery. Another success story stemming from the UofA, this team also has French roots with the University of Cergy-Pontoise, France. Co-founding the company with his Ph.D. advisors, and since then serving as its CEO, this tres intelligent scientist is a co-inventor of the novel patented LDPC decoding algorithms and concepts that enable reliable low-cost high-capacity flash storage for data centers and hyperscale storage.

With Microsoft’s recent announcement of launching a Cloud Infrastructure Research Center,  along with the UofA, to look at storage and sustainability issues, Codelucida is a great example of another relevant company solving wicked problems in Tucson.

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