Our Team


Liz Pocock


As CEO, Liz oversees the administration, programs and strategic plan of the Startup Tucson team and Board. Previously the COO of Startup Tucson, Liz has more than seven years of experience in non-profit organizational management and believes in building strong programs focused around the needs of Tucson businesses and entrepreneurs to ensure that the organization grows and delivers on its mission to help Tucson strive. Liz has helped to grow the TENWEST Festival as its Director and is very active in the Tucson creative and downtown community. Prior to joining Startup Tucson, Liz was the Supervising Research Attorney and Development Director at the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade where she designed and executed international trainings for business owners, lawyers, judged and government officials and has a record of successfully managing complex stakeholder, contract, and partner relationships in national and international contexts. Liz has a J.D. with a focus in international business and trade law from the College of Law at the University of Arizona and is currently serving on the Executive Committee of the Tucson Young Professionals Board, the Advisory Committee of the Tucson Chapter of the Global Chamber, and the Downtown Tucson Partnership Board of Directors.

Courtney Pulitzer

Development & Administration Director

As Development and Administrative Director, Courtney oversees all fundraising efforts for the Startup Tucson team including grants and sponsorships. Courtney also helps with the execution of the strategic and administrative direction of the organization. Courtney is excited to have an opportunity to bring her her experience with fundraising and board leadership as well as her range of skills in event production, online user experience, writing, marketing, and PR to Startup Tucson. Having worked nationally and abroad in the tech and dot-com industry since its nascence in New York, Courtney’s passion is connecting people to help grow businesses and community. Her business, Courtney Pulitzer Creations, which featured an international event series and a weekly online newsletter developed her vast network and positioned her as a sought-after expert online, on air, and in print. Arriving in Tucson after eight years in Paris, France, Courtney worked at Sun Corridor Inc. in the executive offices, assisting in corporate governance and events. Always one to give back, Courtney has served on non-profit boards related to tech and cultural organizations, in addition to volunteering with the Junior Leagues of New York and Tucson.

Dre Voelkel

Programs & Events Director

As Programs and Events Director, Dre oversees the design, planning and execution of Thryve, TENWEST, IdeaFunding and all other events. Dre brings to this position a diverse background in both public and private sectors, and her experience spanning from working on Chicago’s south side helping communities address community violence, to working with New York City Public Schools, to helping major national utilities engage customers in emerging tech-based energy efficiency practices. Throughout her various roles, her driving and central passion has been to support communities in tackling their most vexing challenges through innovative and research-based initiatives. Dre brings a wealth of creativity, a deep understanding of human behavior, and extensive experience crafting, measuring, and evaluating community-wide initiatives. Through her work, Dre has learned how to bring diverse stakeholders to the table for powerful and impactful collaborations. Finally back to her hometown of Tucson, Dre is delighted to encourage and support the vibrant entrepreneurial community with Startup Tucson. Dre has a Masters degree from the School of Social Administrations from the University of Chicago.