If you are interested in getting involved with Startup Tucson, there are several great ways to do it:

Startup Drinks

The first thing we always recommend is attending our monthly Startup Drinks event.  For the most part, it’s held each month on the 2nd Tuesday at 5:30 PM.  The location changes each month and sometimes, for special occasions, the date might change.  So check our events calendar for the latest information.   If you are someone with a startup, you are invited to participate in part of the evening we call “Startup Standup”, where you can stand up at the event and introduce yourself and your company, idea or project.  If you want to celebrate some good news (or share some bad), we want to hear it.  If you need help to get past some barrier, this is a great time to ask.  Startup Drinks is the great way t0 get started with our Community.  From here you’ll start to tap into our network and be able to find any number of other people, events or resources that you might need.


Startup Tucson Organizers

Startup Tucson grew out of the efforts of a great team of passionate people who volunteered their time over the first few years.  That group came to be known as “Startup Tucson Organizers”.  Our Organizers tend to meet monthly  (often, though not always on the 1st Tuesday of each month).  There you’ll get a run down of all of the various projects people are working on, what’s coming up soon and brainstorm ideas for future projects.  Examples of projects you can get involved in include:

  • Helping organize events like Startup Weekend, Idea Funding,  and Hackathons.
  • Helping to develop new programs like Startup Weekend for Teens and Kids.
  • Creating content for marketing including graphic design, logos, or web content
  • Writing content for Startup Tucson News, covering events, doing interview with industry or community leaders, or reporting news about Tucson companies.
  • Curating information about new and existing startups for our online tool.
  • Many other ideas, projects and activities.

If you are interested in becoming a Startup Tucson Organizer, we’d love to get you involved!  Just email info@startuptucson.com and explain how you’d like to help.


UA Students

Startup Tucson has a Student Chapter on the campus of the University of Arizona.  Any UA student should consider joining.  The best way to get involved is to join our Facebook Group (limited to UA students with an official @email.arizona.edu address).  Go here to join.  As part of the club, you’ll be able to get involved with other students on campus who are passionate about entrepreneurship.  The Student Chapter runs many on campus meetings, activities and events.

Examples include:

  • Startup Day at UA – Our partner clubs and other community groups will showcase their and resources for new and returning students.  We are forming the organizing team now with a target of September 4th or 5th on the UA Mall.
  • Startup Job Crawl – This was our internship and job fair for students to find employment opportunities working in the Tucson or campus startup community.
  • Lean Launchpad workshops and classes
  • Idea Funding – Idea Funding is an annual event including educational workshops for starting a business as well as a pitch competition.
  • Stay in Tucson Fund – We are working to setup a scholarship fund to help fund part of all of the  of students looking to attend key community events like Startup Weekend, Idea Funding, Hackathons, etc.

If you are a UA student interested in joining the Startup Tucson Student Chapter, first sign up at our Facebook Group and then email studentchapter-info@startuptucson.com and share a little bit about you and your interests.