Entrepreneurs and Innovators Grow at CoLab

An Innovation CoLaboratory located inside the Pioneer Building in Downtown Tucson and an Initiative of Startup Tucson.

At CoLab, you will find a high-energy, open work space filled with a powerful community of innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, mentors, investors, educators and civic leaders.

CoLab’s strength comes from a shared vision to create impact for our community by:

  • welcoming new people with new ideas
  • working together in an open space to help discover and share new ideas
  • maintaining low barriers to entry
  • supporting our community through calculated risk-taking
  • creating a laboratory for experiments in business, technology and civic innovation
  • breaking things in a safe way to that we can learn how to fix it
  • collaborating to grow our businesses
  • hosting events that educate and inspire

The CoLab community works together in an amazing 7000 sq ft work and event space located inside the Historic Pioneer Building in the heart of downtown Tucson. By choosing to become part of the CoLab community, entrepreneurs and innovators are making a commitment to work together to grow themselves, their businesses and their community.

CoLab Leads

At CoLab, we value leadership and impact. That’s why we call our members “Leads”. By becoming a Lead, you get access to the basics: a permanent desk, a key to the space, 24-hour access to the space, and priority use of the meeting rooms and event space. But being a Lead at CoLab also means that you have a say in the future direction of CoLab. If you are thinking about becoming a Lead, our Drop-In option is a great way to get started.


CoLab invites new people to begin working at CoLab at our Drop-in desks. As part of our commitment to keep a low barrier to entry for innovators and entrepreneurs, CoLab maintains a section of free-to-use Drop-In Desks. To use the drop in space, you simply need to schedule a time to meet with a member of the Startup Tucson team and fill out some minor paperwork. You can also stop by during our Co-Lab office hours every Wednesday morning from 9-10 am and learn more.

Financial Commitment

As a non-profit CoLab and Startup Tucson are both committed to maintaining both a low financial barrier to entry and financial sustainability. CoLab Leads participate financially through a low monthly fee ($80 /month per company and a one-time fee of $500 for each desk used). As long as you have completed our sign-in process, drop-ins tables are available on a first-available basis at no cost.