Thryve Next FAQ



  • What is Thryve Next?

Thryve Next is first of-its-kind business accelerator presented by Startup Tucson and funded by the US Small Business Administration.

  • What are the qualifications to apply?

Companies accepted into the Thryve program have been in business for at least two years and have $150,000 in revenue. These companies are scalable, able to grow into much larger operations and will create job growth and economic growth in Southern Arizona.

  • What is an accelerator?

An accelerator is program of curriculum, workshop, education and support that supports the rapid growth of second stage companies.   An incubator is for people with an idea that want to launch a company.  An accelerator is for people with a company that want to take that company to the next level of growth.

  • How much does it cost?

This program is free for companies.  Often, accelerators require both a fee and  an equity position in the company for the accelerator program.  However, because of the US Small Business Administration funding this program is free to companies.

  • What is the time commitment?

CEO’s will be expected to commit to meetups and workshops 2-3 times per week. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm and Saturdays 10:00-02:00pm for the first five weeks.  After the initial period the scheduled workshops  will be reduced to Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm with a more directed curriculum for the next seven weeks.

  • What is the Lean Launchpad?

The lean launchpad is a business model canvas that puts business on the fast track to growth with market research, up to date business models and  a focus on validation business assumptions with real data.

Who are mentors?

There will be many mentors that offer a range of expertise throughout the course.

Justin Williams: As founder and President of Startup Tucson, Justin has worked to grow a vibrant startup community in Tucson, AZ by organizing entrepreneurs and technologists alike through events, education and mentorship. Experiential education events like Startup Drinks, Startup Tucson Hackathon, Co-Founder Speed Dating, Startup Weekend, Startup Job Crawl and Lean Launchpad help connect entrepreneurs to the skills, partners, investors and mentors that can help them take ideas and see how far they can go. He is also a doctoral student in MIS in the UA Eller College of Management where he is developing a course to help teach students in technology how find a successful business model for their new product/service idea or invention.

Tony Ford: Tony Ford has over 20 years experience in media and management. He directs social media, new media, and web media content creation and marketing for Sparc Interactive, and is the founder of Maker House, the worlds first artisan driven maker space in Tucson, AZ. He has served as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Arizona teaching Media Theory, Media Management and Professional Practice courses and as Media and Arts Liaison for both the Arizona State Legislature and the U.S. State Department. As COO of, Tony has directed the rapid growth of an artisan marketplace to a vibrant community of over 100,000 members and 15,000 sellers who will sell close to $15 million in goods this year. Tony directs software product development, marketing, content and social media/search engine optimization for ArtFire. He holds an MBA in International Business and a BA in Communication and Public Affairs. Tony’s consulting, project management and marketing strategies have, to date, resulted in more than $200 million in revenue gains and $60 million in cost savings for his business partners, clients and employers.

Greg Teesdale: Greg has been in the Tech and Startup industry for over 30 years at venture-backed emerging companies and as the COO and CFO of multiple companies including Strongwatch Corporation, Sunsonix, Andigilog and SiCOM. Greg earned his MBA in Operations Management from ASU. Today he is a member of the Desert Angels investing group and focuses his time on guidance to small, emerging companies in the development of their business strategies, detailed business plans, and business processes.


  • Can I skip the weeks where the curriculum is not something I need?

It is important that you attend each workshop and meetup in order to keep you and your peers on track. There may be weeks where you know more about the topic than others and we encourage you to share your knowledge. As the class grows, so will the curriculum, and mentors will be sure to customize the course based on the direction of the companies.

  • Does the number one person always have to go to the classes?

Yes, the class must be attended every week by a C-level executive and its important that the same person be committed to the course so that they can build upon past workshops.

  • Can I send someone else from my company?

Only executives in the company may attend because it is important that each week can build upon the previous and be implemented into your business.

  • What if I am not at $150,00 in revenue? Are there any exceptions?
  • What if I plan to be at $150,000 within the year?
  • What if I have $150,000 in investment, not revenue?
  • I have an idea for a company and I need help getting it off the ground, is there anything for me?

Thryve Next is probably not the program for you, but don’t worry there are still lots of ways for you to become part of the Startup community. We also run a Thryve program geared towards startups in the first stage, this incubation program is run in the summer.

  • What the difference between incubator and accelerator?

An accelerator is directed at mid level companies looking to create rapid growth while incubators take an idea and evolve a business model.

  • What is Demo Day?

Demo day is the conclusion of the Thryve Next course and gives each participant the opportunity to present their company.

  • What happens after the program is over?

Although the course is over you will be an Alumni forever, join the community of Alumni and enjoy the support of other companies and mentor support.

  • Where do I apply? 


Email: for questions and concerns


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